About Us

Eduanswer came to being as a platform to solve the challenges students/parent and experts face. It is an online platform for verified academically sound individuals (dubbed “experts”) to assist students with academic work and challenges. This concepted has also been pre-tested among students and experts with positive feedback and responses. In addition, majority of lecturers, students and parents involved in the pre-test keen about the roll out of this platform as the concept provide an unlimited access to individuals, students, and research fellows to access expert assistance, critical appraisal and ideation support. Eduanswer currently run on a website, iOS app and android app where students ask a question or post an academic inquiry, suggest a fee/budget, an expert in that field review it, send his bid, student and expert agrees a fee. Student pays into an escrow account through paypal.com and upon receipt of this, the expert delivers the requested solution while ensuring the student understand the concept and satisfied. Then the expert is then paid afterwards, by requesting for withdrawal. There are several features the users of this platform can benefit from however, the users’ satisfaction is our utmost priority.

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Our Mission Statement

To be the best academic solution platform, giving value to Users (Students, Parents and Experts) leaving them with deep satisfying experience.

Our Vision

Think Academic Solutions, Think Eduanswer