1. Why Eduanswer.org?

This is an online platform for students and experts to communicate with one another. Eduanswer allows students to be taught, get solutions to their questions, project work, term paper and assignments.

2. How does Eduanswer functions?

The platform works as a community of students and experts who are referred to as Users. Using this platform, a student asks a question or post an academic challenge, attach a fee. Expert in that field bid, both users agrees on a fee, the student pays in escrow, expert teaches and delivers job/solution and ensure the student is satisfied. Then payment is released to Expert. You could check 'How It Works' on the homepage.

3. How does submit solution works?

An expert could form a question/project work and provides solutions to submit a solution. Expert attaches a suggested fee for each download of the solution. Eduanswer admin fix the fee and decide if the question/answers are ideal for the platform. For every download the user earns.

4. Does expert just provide answers?

An expert will teach and provide answers on the platform, there are medium the users use to communicate to teach and get clarification. The expert must ensure the student understands the answer and they are satisfied, this is very paramount.

5. How does ‘already answered questions’ works?

Questions already asked and successfully answered are saved on the already answered questions. You could explore it before asking a fresh question, a user might have provided an answer for that question you want to ask. Download comes with a very small fee.

6. How fast could i get my answer?

When a user asks a question, you have the liberty to determine and agree time of delivery with the expert. It depends on you, but if you have a challenge in this regard contact admin@eduanswer.org or contact help & support.

7. Is eduanswer available every time.

Eduanswer is available every time of the day including weekends 24/7. Our experts are always available to meet your need and proffer solution to your questions and academic inquiries.

8. How do I withdraw funds?

As a User, you are entitled to withdraw earned fees from the solutions you provided to questions and under ‘submit solution’. You are also expected to register with paypal.com as payment will be credited to you through your paypal.com account.

9. How do I make payment?

Eduanswer payment is supported and linked to paypal.com, one of the most reliable and secure payment platform. Payments are made through the paypal.com platform which has been linked to the eduanswer website and apps. The use of Paypal is to ensure your payment is secured and safe.

10. How could I spend my bonus?

Bonus are earned through referring friends, they will be used to access already answered questions. You could not withdraw the funds as cash yet.

11. How do I resolve a dispute with student/expert?

Go to your profile page, click the dispute resolution if you have issues with the student/expert in respect of solution provided or paymemt. If not, kindly contact help and support.