How It Works

This is the Best Platform for Students & Parents (for their kids) to be taught and get accurate, detailed & fast Answers to Questions, Assignments, Homework, Project Work and Term Paper by Academically Sound Experts and Lecturers.

Students, Parents and Experts are called USERS.

Step 1

  • Download the free App on Apple Store or Play Store. Or Sign Up through the website:
  • Join the community by filling the simple form and update your profile. You are good to go.

Step 2

Ask A Question (for assignment, homework, project work etc)

  • Type your Question. Fill the page, provide details about your question, whether is homework, assignment, project work or term paper. Ensure you state the conditions you want the Expert to meet, and do not forget to state the fee you are willing to pay.
  • You could submit your question to all experts to bid for it, or you could choose from selected experts in that field of subjects to answer your question.
  • Expect bids and notifications.
  • Choose an Expert, agree conditions with the Expert.
  • Pay agreed fee to escrow, when job is done and you are satisfied and understood the answer. Payment is released to the Expert.
  • Rate your experience with the Expert and put a comment.

Step 3

Already Answered Question

  • Type your subject area. For example: if you are asking a physics question. Just write physics in the box. Click search.
  • It will display all questions and answers already asked in that subject area.
  • Read the conditions met in the answer and summary of the answer. If you are satisfied, you will see a small fee attached to it.
  • Pay and get the answer to your registered email. If you have a promo bonus, you could get it for free.